Number stories and fractions can both be challening concepts for students to grasp. With SoE, we can scaffold to support comprehension and make difficult tasks much easier.

May 22, 2024

Teaching fractions in number stories: a double Achilles heel

The Concrete Representational Abstract (CRA) approach in mathematics allows all students to access content and gain deep understanding. Given that many students struggle with comprehension, particularly in number stories, let’s explore how to teach story problems using CRA. One reason students are successful when they use Structures of Equality is because it effectively integrates all […]

May 8, 2024

CRA and SoE: how to teach story problems

Jasmin, a 4th grade teacher from Durham, NC, shares the highs and lows with implementing Structures of Equality in her classroom. You don’t want to miss this interview.

April 17, 2024

Tales of a Fourth Grade Teacher: Using SoE to Help Students with Math Number Stories

It’s that time of year. If you haven’t already heard people talking about end-of-the-year standardized tests and math test prep, those conversations will be picking up soon. The most common question I hear is “How can I get my kids ready for the test?” Today we’ll talk about some effective strategies to make sure your […]

April 3, 2024

Math test prep: how can I get my kids ready for the test?

Often it’s not a student’s ability or skill that holds them back. Fixed mindsets are prevalent and they can be really harmful. Learn how to instill a growth mindset.

February 21, 2024

Do your students lack a growth mindset with word problems in math?

Word problems, or number stories as I call them, can be hard. But they necessary and have tons of benefits for your students.

January 31, 2024

Why are word problems important in math?

Visual representations are important at all levels of mathematics. They help students see the math. And when we can visualize what’s happening within a problem, it helps us understand abstract concepts.

January 24, 2024

Why is visual representation in math important?

Number stories that include multiplicative relationships can be a challenge. The Repeated Equal Groups (REG) structure helps students understand what’s happening in the problem.

January 17, 2024

Solving multiplication and division word problems with the Repeated Equal Groups Structure

Meet Jasmin Nabors, a 4th grade teacher in Durham, NC. She’ll share her struggles and successes with SoE, along with a few tips.

December 13, 2023

A teacher’s journey to help students solve word problems

I once heard a math teacher describe word problems as “the bane of her existence”. I completely understand that sentiment. Students don’t know what the problem is asking, choose random operations, or give up completely. That’s why I created Structures of Equality.  If you haven’t been following along, you’ll probably want to start with my […]

October 4, 2023

How to teach word problems in a way that students comprehend

best way to teach word problems

There are so many word problem strategies to choose from. It can be confusing to figure out which ones to use or not use, and how to teach so students understand them. When I was in the classroom, I came across tons of tips and tricks, but they seemed to confuse my students more. Teaching […]

September 27, 2023

What is the best way to teach word problems?